DeviceHive 1.1 is coming!

We continue to work on DeviceHive, and we’re planning to release new version before the New Year. DeviceHive 1.1 will include a set of new major features, such as:

  • New Web Sockets API for efficient two-way communications between the server and devices/clients
  • Ability for clients to receive messages from multiple devices using a single connection
  • Improvements in device registration scenarios, new server-originated messages about new device registration and/or changes in the existing device state
  • Extension of the DeviceHive data model, support for arbitrary data fields associated with devices and device equipment
  • More sample applications including Arduino device and XBee gateways.

As before, we will be happy to hear all kinds of feedback from you. If you see any ideas how DeviceHive could be made better – don’t hesitate and share it with us.