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AllJoyn, talking to Bluetooth Low Energy, Talking to ZigBee, talking to the cloud? Ask Us How
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More than platform

DeviceHive is supported commercially by DataArt’s Internet of Things R&D practice. With DataArt, a world leading technology consulting company, you can take your IoT solution to the next level and customize DeviceHive to suite your business and technology needs.

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Connect Any Device

DeviceHive is an AllSeen Alliance member. It speaks AllJoyn providing cloud connectivity for AllJoyn devices and also bridge 3rd party protocols into AllJoyn expanding the ecosystem of supported devices. AllJoyn support comes out of the box and can be customized for various integration scenarios.

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From prototyping to enterprise solutions — one small step with DeviceHive, one giant leap for your business. DeviceHive allows you to think about business development instead of technical formalities.

Easy to deploy and scale for proof of concept, development and production volumes. Works in public and private clouds: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Apache Mesos, OpenStack or your datacenter.

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Analytics, Machine Learning and Reporting

Gives you the foundation to easily build analytics the way you want it leveraging the world’s best big data solutions: ElasticSearch, Apache Spark, Cassandra and Kafka for real-time and batch processing.

Real Time and Batch Processing

The DeviceHive cloud platform comes with Apache Spark and Spark Streaming support, which means you can run batch analytics and machine learning on top of your device data, as well implement real time event processing.

IoT Toolkit for Devices and Gateways

Choose what types of devices you want to bridge into the cloud and build your gateway with Ubuntu Snappy Core for IoT and DeviceHive IoT Toolkit.

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Open Source

Gives you a visibility into platform’s architecture and implementation. Do your own due diligence of DeviceHive, explore it on GitHub.

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