At DeviceHive we are trying to make complex things easier to understand. In doing so, we came up with some examples that will help you to build your own smart devices and control them over the Internet. Try taking the example as is, make the device work using the step by step tutorial and then play with it by adding or removing features.

To make the process less challenging, you can setup a cloud instance at our Playground so you don’t have to worry about hosting and can focus on your Device and Client.

Here are few examples:

  1. Amazing Raspberry Pi and Arduino IoT combo Makers, rejoice! Arduino+RasPi make a perfect Internet of Things platform. All powered by DeviceHive.
  2. Raspberry Pi and Temperature Sensor How about building a prototype of a remote temperature sensor and remotely controlled LED using Raspberry Pi and DeviceHive?
  3. Internet-enabled mood lamp. Build it using Arduino-like programmable LED Cube, RasPi, DeviceHive and HTML5
  4. This one is real and built at DataArt. A device that measures the temperature in server rooms and controls the AC units. It can also keep a log of temperature readings and call for service should anything go wrong.
  5. Control your devices using a gateway – connect your Raspberry Pi to the I2C sensors. A step-by-step guide is included.
  6. Intel Edison and a temperature sensor with JavaScript

The following examples are detailed use cases of some of our libraries, if you want to know more:

  1. Sample device for .NET Micro Framework and EMX module
  2. Sample device for Microchip microcontroller using the binary protocol
  3. Sample device for PC or any device running embedded Linux
  4. Virtual LED sample system - device and clients that use .NET library and .NET Portable Library
  5. DeviceHive Manager Windows 8 Application Tutorial
  6. Sample Python device