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DeviceHive has various deployment options, and that is why it fits ideal for every company either it is a mature enterprise or a small start-up. With the docker compose and kubernetes deployment options, you can go with private, public or hybrid cloud and scale from a single virtual machine, to enterprise grade cluster. Don’t have time to deploy? Make yourself familiar with the DeviceHive with zero deployment - sign up for our free public playground.
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From prototyping to enterprise solutions — one small step with DeviceHive, one giant leap for your business. DeviceHive allows you to think about business development instead of technical formalities. DeviceHive employs the best software design practices, introducing container based service oriented architecture approach managed and orchestrated by Kubernetes. It brings highly granular scalability and availability enabling to scale out in seconds to handle growing production volumes.


Connect any device via REST API, WebSockets or MQTT. The DeviceHive team supports libraries written in various programming languages, including Android and iOS libraries which make the platform device-agnostic. You can even connect such low-end wi-fi enabled devices as ESP8266. Check-out more on client libraries here.


Easily integrate DeviceHive with any other device clouds or platforms by using supported protocols and employing plugin service feature. You can directly integrate with Alexa, visualization dashboard of your choice and much more or just customize DeviceHive behavior by running your custom javascript code.


DeviceHive gives you the foundation to quickly build analytics the way you want it leveraging the world’s best big data solutions: ElasticSearch, Apache Spark, Cassandra and Kafka for real-time and batch processing. It comes with Apache Spark and Spark Streaming support, which means you can run batch analytics and machine learning on top of your device data.

Open Source

DeviceHive is distributed under Apache 2.0 license - free for use and change. It gives you visibility into platform’s architecture and implementation. Do your personal due diligence of DeviceHive, explore it on GitHub. DeviceHive is commercially supported by DataArt’s Internet of Things practice professional consultants and engineers.
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